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IFE player to bridge streaming, download and chat

April 21, 2016

April 21, 2016 – IFE systems specialist, IdeaNova Technologies, has launched its next generation of INPLAY players, featuring adaptive streaming, adaptive download and inflight communicator functionality. The players, aimed at airlines and airline IFE suppliers, allow passengers to stream content during a flight, download content for offline playback, and communicate with other travelers while watching a movie.

The player’s ‘Communicator’ functionality lets passengers recommend a movie selection, talk about a specific movie, or take a break from watching and chat with friends. Airline operators can use this feature for messaging important announcements, and communicating with passengers about available services.

The offline playback provides an opportunity to download content before traveling, eliminating any need for onboard infrastructure. To provide this, INPLAY uses an adaptive download feature that automatically adjusts download speed to the bandwidth available to passengers. Adaptive download is one of the newest features of available digital streaming technology.

The new INPLAY player also provides adaptive streaming, a capability available with the introduction of Dash DRM technology. This feature provides an opportunity to deliver content on more platforms and offers interoperability between content encryption providers.

Juraj Siska, CTO of IdeaNova Technologies stated, “By installing INPLAY, companies can leverage distribution and playback of a variety of secure, content streaming platforms, including Google-Widevine Modular and Classic DRM, Microsoft PlayReady and Marlin DRM technologies.”

Arconics a provider of airline software, is planning to add INPLAY to its CloudStore IFE product.

21 April 2016

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