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Inflight Dublin and IdeaNova Join Forces, INPLAY Heads to the Cloud

September 26, 2018

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Inflight Dublin and IdeaNova have announced a strategic collaboration. Under the partnership, IdeaNova’s technology, including its INPLAY product line, will be used for the provision of content streaming solutions for InflightDublin’s wireless IFE software, Everhub.

In other news, IdeaNova launched the INPLAY Cloud Platform, a media management solution for video and audio assets, encryption keys and digital rights management (DRM) licenses. The platform is hosted on a leading public cloud service, taking advantage of cloud computing’s inherent flexibility, scalability, security and worldwide accessibility.

The new service gives customers the option to deploy the INPLAY Cloud Platform within its own IT infrastructure, in the cloud, or by using a combination of both options. “This modular deployment gives customers additional flexibility that they can leverage when onboarding DRM functionalities required by their business,” said Janne Pelkonen, chief technology officer, IdeaNova.


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