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APEX TECH 2019 Day One Updates: 0415 Part 2 Working Group Updates

January 21, 2019

APEX TECH 2019 Day One Updates: 0415 Part 2 Working Group Updates

Apex 2019

Juraj Siska, IdeaNova Technologies Presents 0415 Part 2 Working Group Achievements

APEX 0415 Part 2 Working Group Shares Updates on 4K Security Requirements

Since its establishment at APEX TECH in June last year, the 0415 Part 2 Working Group has come up with a list of security requirements for handling 4K content. The group shared its definitions for content value and the appropriate security standards for each, and introduced a new category for playing 4K content on passenger devices. Furthermore, Phil Watson, co-chair of the working group, explained that a demonstration of artificial intelligence to remove visible watermarking may signal the need for forensic watermarking – a digital signature that identifies the rightful owner of a piece of content and that cannot be detected by the human eye.

Other Day One Updates Included

IFE Content Delivery’s Journey to the Cloud

Representatives from Axinom, castLabs and Spafax discussed the different parts of the IFE content workflow that could be processed over the cloud. Andy Beer, Spafax, who moderated the panel emphasized that content delivery itself is not an organized process and that “there’s too many moving parts to move wholesale to the cloud.” Where he sees potential for cloud delivery is with classic movies that have relatively fixed configurations: He imagines they could be stored in the cloud and called into rotation as needed. “At Spafax, all of our databases are already in the cloud. And we’ve only had one morning where we couldn’t get to it. That’s a better achievement than the decade before.”

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