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APEX TECH 2019 Day Two Updates: APEX 0415 Part 2 Working Group Specification Approval

May 14, 2019

    Phil Watson, APEX 0415 Part 2 Working Group Chair and Senior Principal Engineer, Panasonic

IdeaNova’s CEO, Juraj Siska, and Phil Watson from Panasonic led a working group at APEX TECH in May. APEX 0415 Part 2 working group submitted, and got approval for, a new specification that reflected new security requirements from Hollywood studios.

0415P2 Working Group Update

The 0415 Part 2 working group has focused on developing a specification that integrates the in-flight entertainment industry’s content delivery supply chain into the broader content delivery ecosystem. The specification has been updated to reflect new security requirements from production studios.

Working group chairs Phil Watson, from Panasonic Avionics, and Juraj Siska, from IdeaNova Technologies, reviewed changes in the latest draft that include forensic watermarking, playback device and content requirements, wireless content loading and language clarification. The draft specification was voted upon by the members in attendance and was approved.

Other Day Two Updates Included

On the second day of APEX TECH, the Connectivity Working Group proposed integrating two approaches to measuring in-flight connectivity: quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE). The APEX 0415 Part 2 working group also provided an update. Speakers from Japan Airlines, Aeromexico and Virgin Atlantic discussed earpieces for crewmembers, digital ecosystems and cotton candy.

JAL Says Tech Can Help Flight Crew Improve Service On Board

“What is it like to be a flight attendant? It’s a lot of hard work, and it’s about teamwork,” explained Akira Mitsumasu, VP Global Marketing, Japan Airlines (JAL).

Looking to enhance crew communications, JAL tested a Sony-supplied earpiece technology that provided both voice and head-movement messaging. However, Mitsumasu acknowledged that while the earpiece helped, it also added an additional layer of stress to the multi-tasking responsibilities of the flight attendants. “If we can really fine-tune the various use cases within the cabin environment, it will work even better,” he said.

Planned to be in service next year, JAL’s tablet-based Sky Concierge Project will provide the crew with detailed information about a passenger’s journey.

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