APEXEXPO2019: IdeaNova Technologies introduces PlayReady server for Linux





                        Posted on: 12 September 2019 by Kimberley Young


IdeaNova Technologies is to host Microsoft PlayReady DRM server on Linux, allowing customers to deploy Inplay PlayReady License Servers the same scalable way as the Widevine and FairPlay Servers.

Microsoft selected IdeaNova as a participant for an initial technology preview earlier this year, during this deployment, IdeaNova assessed the technology compatibility for all major use cases commonly required by the aviation industry.

The company says the new software reduces the resource and operational complexities associated with hosted PlayReady DRM servers, which until now, had to be hosted exclusively on the Windows operating system.

As the onboard IFE servers are predominantly Linux-based, the company argues this new offering will be a good fit into the server architecture of most IFE providers, meaning IFE vendors can utilize the technology to stream DRM content directly to passengers’ Internet Explorer and Edge browsers.

IdeaNova said Microsoft PlayReady is also the only DRM technology that supports hardware encryption on the Edge browser, providing higher-level security required by studios to stream premium content.

“Our expanded offering of Inplay PlayReady server on Linux offers our customers the ability to simplify and reduce the cost of owning and operating DRM servers that support Microsoft end uses,” commented Janne Pelkonen, CTO of IdeaNova, “Inplay PlayReady now uses about one-tenth of the hardware resources needed when using Windows OS and does not require a Microsoft Windows Server license.”

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Posted on: 12 September 2019 by Kimberley Young