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IdeaNova updates Inplay Player 6 with ad feature

July 10, 2020

IdeaNova updates Inplay Player 6 with ad feature


IdeaNova Technologies has updated its recently-released Inplay Player 6, which was introduced in early-May. The update now offers advertising capabilities, allowing monetizing of video content through dynamic pre-roll and mid-roll ad insertion.

The feature offers seamless navigation with markets indicating where the ad will be placed within the player, as well as the option to skip ads after the mandatory viewing time has expired. The ad skip functionality is configurable per ad, giving inflight entertainment providers the ability to control it based on business requirements.

It allows the entire platform and airline carrier to generate additional revenue from streaming Hollywood and other video content across passenger-owned devices. According to the IdeaNova release, the use of personal electronic devices (PEDs) within relieves airlines from needing to keep seatback displays properly functioning and encourages social distancing. The feature is also available on seatback displays.

“We believe that customers at every level can benefit from this new technology,” said IdeaNova CTO Janne Pelkonen. “All supported Inplay platforms can benefit from this new, standard – VAST compliant option to monetize on any video streaming solution. Our enhanced ad platform is very flexible allowing a wide variety of ad content presentation, content management and reporting.”

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