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IdeaNova Technologies and Jabra Partnership

August 21, 2020


NAPERVILLE, IL – August 24th, 2020 -IdeaNova Technologies has partnered with audio and camera systems brand, Jabra, to offer an enhanced video conferencing experience on its video conferencing platform, Intouch.

Below is the 180 degree view from a typical engagement using Intouch technology with Jabra camera equipment:

Now any room can be used to video conference with wall-to-wall coverage in Panoramic-4K video. Jabra PanaCast enables companies to make use of their full meeting spaces, eliminating the approximately 40% room wastage seen with conventional camera solutions.

“We are very excited about enhancing our technology,” said Juraj Siska, CEO of IdeaNova,“We have always built our products with customer needs and ease of use in mind. This new enhancement to our Intouch product offers enhanced viewing capabilities while taking advantage of the built in security and customization features  available in Intouch.  This makes our product suitable for much wider audience consisting of business and personal users”.

With safety measures instituted since the start of the pandemic, in-person work, education and healthcare are coming back with many restrictions. Our technology enhancement offers a way to hold meetings at a safe distance with a more in-person look and feel.

Intouch offers additional features such as naming of your meeting room, secure meeting recording, and the ability to customize the entire platform to meet user interface and user experience needs. We offer flexible hosting options where the customers can decide if they would like to use our hosted platform or host Intouch in their cloud or even on premise environment.  This gives users additional flexibility and control over the security and performance of their web conferencing needs.

Jabra, a leader in audio and sound solutions, and their PanaCast, engineered to be the world’s first smart Panoramic-4K Plug-and-Play video solution, is a real-time immersive intelligent vision system offering 180-degree panoramic vision which ensures everyone in the room is seen.

Jabra PanaCast provides unique value for huddle rooms and spaces, delivering wall-to-wall video, audio and data, which is critical for modern video collaboration. The panoramic video gives everyone in the room equal participation, fostering healthy discussion and true collaboration – despite not being in the same room.

René Svendsen-Tune, Jabra CEO said: “We have always valued the importance of sound and personal interaction in every product within our Jabra portfolio…Now is the time to bring remote workers and huddle room participants closer together through the addition of high-quality plug-and-play video to your huddle rooms.”

About IdeaNova Technologies, Inc.

IdeaNova Technologies, Inc. is a software company with more than a decade of experience in IT security and secure video streaming. They pioneered the distribution and integration of secure streaming technologies of the aviation, media, and entertainment industries with over 200 million users worldwide. If you’d like to learn more about Intouch, Inplay, or our growing suite of products, please contact IdeaNova Technologies at 630-470-9477 or email info@ideanovatech.com

About Jabra

Jabra is a leader in engineering communications and sound solutions – innovating to empower both consumers and businesses. Proudly part of the GN Group, we are committed to letting people hear more, do more, and be more than they ever thought possible. Through sound, we help transform lives. Jabra engineering excellence leads the way, building on 150 years of pioneering work. This allows us to create integrated headsets and communications tools that help professionals work more productively; and wireless headphones and earbuds that let consumers better enjoy calls, music, and media. Jabra employs approx. 1,100 people worldwide, and reported annual revenue of DKK 4,7bn in 2018. The GN Group, founded in 1869, operates in 100 countries and delivers innovation, reliability, and ease of use. Today, GN employs 6000 people, and is Nasdaq Copenhagen listed. GN makes life sound better. www.jabra.com

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