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IdeaNova launches InPlay Bash bundle

September 1, 2021

IdeaNova Technologies has introduced InPlay Bash, the new bundle of social features where passengers can seamlessly transition between chat, video chat, WeWatch and web conference.

Any passenger can initiate the video chat, an extension of previously released text chat, with the click of a button while inflight, helping to limit face-to-face interaction.

Passengers can enjoy IFE content together via video chat, maintaining the social aspect of flying and allowing safe communication between passengers and crew.

The most recent addition to InPlay is WeWatch, launched in mid-August 2021. The functions aim to helps passengers stay connected inflight even if not sitting together, or to make new friends as passengers can sync up with others, reads the August release.

“The pandemic opened doors to stream media with friends and family from different locations, so why not do it in the sky as well,” Juraj Siska, Chief Executive Officer at IdeaNova tells PAX Tech. “We believe people travel to reach new destinations and they almost always want to stay in contact with each other. The purpose of these new products is to make their experience more enjoyable, while respecting social distances and overall convenience that many of us are accustomed to on the ground.”

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