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Building a Secure Streaming Platform

February 15, 2022

 Streaming Media Connect: Innovation Hours Webinar

Building robust and secure video streaming platforms is easier with proven products. IdeaNova customers are provided proven products as well as an additional feature—the ability to stream in autonomous mode. This is applicable to all kinds of content, including the highest quality content from Hollywood studios that must use hardware assisted encryption for handling Widevine, FairPlay, or PlayReady DRM. The new era of remote work dominates with technologies that embrace WebRTC. Live streaming products built by IdeaNova are distinguished using one unique feature that is not available elsewhere: the ability to process video stream input from multiple cameras. This allows simultaneous display of multiple viewing angles (e.g. product detail and room overview) where the viewer, not the producer, gets to choose the best viewing angle. In this session we will discuss available building components and services and demonstrate real examples for their use.

Speaker:Juraj Siska, CEO, IdeaNova  Feb 15, 2022

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