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Apex Tech: Ideanova Ceo Juraj Siska

March 31, 2023

March 22: Day Two of this year’s APEX TECH show found IdeaNova CEO Juraj Siska sharing his insights as a panelist on a high-flying session on edge caching.

The session “Convergence of IFE and Connectivity: Edge Caching in the Evolving Content Delivery Supply Chain” was moderated by Michael Childers, Chief Consultant, Content and Media Strategy, Lufthansa Systems. Other panelists included representatives from Panasonic, Viasat, Netskrt, ABOVE, iDirect, Seamless Air Alliance, Blockcast, and AERQ.

Airline companies are increasingly looking to edge caching for delivery of subscription video on demand (SVOD) content to passengers since connectivity is still limited, expensive or both. Edge caching allows for better content delivery to end users—faster and more reliable while reducing costs. IdeaNova is a proponent of edge caching and implements it in the company’s products and services. Furthermore, IdeaNova’s long history of delivering both secure streaming and inflight entertainment puts the company in a unique position to provide the necessary bridge to overcome deployment issues faced by aviation.

Other session highlights were discussions about whether or not the IFE-IFC convergence and the introduction of direct-to-consumer IFE would mean such things as the airline turning control of the content over to the content provider and discussions about licensing in an environment that spans multiple geographical locations during one flight.

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