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IdeaNova has won the 2023 PAX Tech

June 26, 2023

IdeaNova has won the 2023 PAX Tech Readership Award for Technology for its innovative Inplay Flow solution. This is the second consecutive year that the readers of PAX International have recognized IdeaNova for it’s next-generation technology. IdeaNova was announced as a recipient of the award at the AIX Show in Hambug.

Inplay Flow is a unique solution that bridges the gap between IFE delivered to seatback display and personal electronic devices (PEDs). It gives passengers the best of both worlds by allowing them to share content between PEDs and seatback screens.

The PAX Readership Awards recognize the efforts of airlines, caterers, and suppliers from around the world as voted by the ever-growing readership. The Readership awards have been running for 16 years.

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