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How The Media Is Covering Inplay Flow

September 8, 2023

Naperville, IL, September 08, 2023 – The launch of Inplay Flow, our innovative solution that bridges the gap between IFE delivered to seatback displays and PEDs, has generated extensive media coverage in the aviation industry.

Below is a sampling of media reports.

IdeaNova’s Inplay Flow gives passengers the best of both worlds by allowing them to share content between PEDs and seatback screens The rise of streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix has changed the way media is consumed both at home and inflight. With the ability to download content onto personal electronic devices (PEDs) and watch it when they like, passengers now have more entertainment options when they fly. This has prompted some commentators to predict the demise of the embedded seat-back screen.

With the goal of bridging the gap between IFE delivered to personal electronic devices (PEDs) and seatback displays, IdeaNova Technologies, a leader in IFE systems and secure video streaming, today announced the launch of Inplay Flow.

Streaming services have changed the way media is consumed-at home and in flight. With the ability to download content to personal electronic devices (PEDS) to watch when they like, passengers now have more entertainment options when they fly. For some airlines, this has meant choosing between one option over another. With Inplay Flow they can have the best of both worlds.

IFE systems and video streaming company IdeaNova, will unveil Inplay Flow, the latest addition to its Inplay IFE line, intended to bridge the gaps between IFE delivered to PEDs and seatback displays. The functionality allows passengers to share their content between their PED and seatback –including movies, pictures, or documents – and in a convenient and user-friendly way.

Meanwhile, IdeaNova’s Inplay Suite is providing the ultimate streaming experience for passengers. Designed to fit seamlessly into existing IFE systems, its Inplay Players state of the art solutions address demands for modern content delivery. For example, Inplay Live provides airlines with live TV content services with minimal investment to infrastructure, while Inplay VR provides a window to the future.

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