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CASE STUDY: Bluebox Aviation Systems

October 16, 2023

“One core value for us – as a company and in what we deliver with our Blueview digital services platform – is flexibility. We have always known and operated on the basis that no single IFE vendor can expect to do everything on their own, keeping pace and maintaining the quality we demand for our customers, especially given the complexity and the rapid acceleration in how digital technology evolves. We find strength and build value in bringing together the expertise of others whose focus – like IdeaNova’s in DRM technology – elevates what we do and helps us achieve a market-leading position. From the background technology that keeps our platforms and content secure, to the variety of passenger-facing digital services we can offer, it’s in working with people like the team at IdeaNova that value is created and passed from us to our airline customers to their customers, the passenger.”

Bluebox Aviation Systems

For airlines, dealing with studio requirements to play Hollywood content is no easy task, but it’s exactly this type of content that passengers want to view! Hollywood studios require digital rights management (DRM) when licensing content to airlines because it helps them protect their intellectual property rights and prevent piracy. This is particularly important when streaming in-flight entertainment (IFE) content wirelessly to play on passengers’ personal devices. So. providers of wireless IFE systems must integrate DRM licensing technology into their platforms in order to offer Hollywood blockbusters for their airline customers.

To meet this requirement, Bluebox Aviation Systems (Bluebox), a market leading provider of digital services platforms and wireless IFE, looked to IdeaNova to supply DRM technology and license servers.

Secure Delivery with IdeaNova DRM

IdeaNova, which has spearheaded in-flight entertainment software for the last 15 years, provides Bluebox with the DRM tools to securely deliver top-notch Hollywood content for airlines deploying Bluebox’s award-winning digital services platform, Blueview.

The IdeaNova player, license server, and proxy make watching this desired content securely possible and met Bluebox’s scalability, performance, and user experience requirements. Bluebox’s implementation uses Inplay DRM technology integrated into Blueview and delivered to passengers from its Bluebox Wow portable wireless streaming platform or Bluebox’s solution for Airbus Airspace Link (OSP).

Both Bluebox Wow and OSP deployments can host the Blueview platform with IdeaNova’s Inplay software integrated to deliver the content consumers require—and do so with consistent quality and efficiency. IdeaNova’s products ensure that appropriate response time is met so that passengers receive the content they want at the moment they select it.

Google Widevine and Apple Fairplay DRM Hollywood-grade security ensure passengers can access their DRM-protected content. The Inplay products were designed to integrate Google’s and Apple’s SDKs to operate on the highly specialized solutions Bluebox has developed. This includes a proprietary solution for managing DRM keys that leverage Bluebox legacy implementations with IdeaNova Inplay servers. This attention to customization on both ends ensures the highest quality experience for all passengers and is a large part of why customers return to this integrated solution.

Prepared for the Future

The result of this partnership includes smooth transitioning between video playback experiences supported by IdeaNova technology and the rest of the digital services offered by Blueview, which can include onboard retail, a moving map, a connectivity portal, and so much more. Bluebox and IdeaNova continue their partnership today with plans to enhance this experience for many more successful customers in the future.

No matter the requirement, Bluebox and IdeaNova will provide a solution which will always drive quality and efficiency rather than providing a generic solution that ignores the importance of customization and attention to detail.

To learn more about how IdeaNova can help you, contact us at info@ideanovatech.com.

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