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IdeaNova’s Inplay Edge and AI Scene Detection Shortlisted for 2024 Crystal Cabin Awards

March 12, 2024

IdeaNova’s Inplay Edge and AI Scene Detection Shortlisted for 2024 Crystal Cabin Awards

NAPERVILLE, IL, March 11, 2024 – Two IdeaNova products—Inplay Edge and AI Scene Detection—have been named to the 2024 Crystal Cabin Awards shortlist in the “IFEC and Digital Services” category. 

The first shortlisted product, Inplay Edge, addresses the high cost of connectivity and bandwidth limitations to stream high-quality content to a planeload of passengers. It allows efficient use of existing bandwidth to load content on the aircraft just once. Content is cached on the aircraft for subsequent users to use over local area network–no need for expensive Internet connectivity.

The second product, AI Scene Detection, is an automated solution for detecting movie scenes for better identification of content. This facilitates binge watching by correctly identifying time stamps of beginning and ending credits. Inplay Player is using AI Scene Detection to facilitate navigation of user through content–selecting only distinct scenes, instead of time based, which is a less efficient approach used today. There are many future use cases of AI Scene Detection that companies can envision to implement in their products.

The Crystal Cabin Awards are among the world’s most prestigious awards for aircraft cabin innovation and set standards for future travel experiences. Seventy-two entries qualified for the eight categories in the 2024 shortlist. The Crystal Cabin Award winners will be announced at the AIX Show in Hamburg on May 28, 2024 

This year’s Crystal Cabin Awards shortlist offers an exciting glimpse of what we could see in the skies tomorrow.


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