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Safran Passenger Innovations Selects IdeaNova’s DRM Technology for its RAVE IFE

May 31, 2024

NAPERVILLE, IL, and BREA, CA, May 28, 2024—Safran Passenger Innovations (SPI) and IdeaNova Technologies today announced that SPI’s legacy Inflight Entertainment System, RAVE Wireless, will use IdeaNova’s Inplay Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to protect and manage in-flight content libraries. IdeaNova’s DRM technology is planned to be extended to all SPI RAVE IFE systems in the future.

“We selected IdeaNova’s Inplay DRM technology for two reasons,” said Ben Asmar, Vice President of Products and Strategy at SPI. “It is a proven technology that has been on the market for nearly two decades and it meets all of our IFE specific requirements for SPI’s RAVE Product Lines. With Inplay DRM our customers can offer a premium entertainment experience backed by robust security, endorsed, and approved by the leading Hollywood studios and content providers that serve our industry.”

SPI’s RAVE is an innovative IFE system that delivers on-board movies, music, news, and in-cabin services to passengers. It provides entertainment in high quality (up to 4K) resolution on seatback displays and personal devices that passengers bring onboard an aircraft. Inplay Cloud Services are used to encode and encrypt content based on specific requirements of each airline serviced by SPI.

IdeaNova’s Inplay DRM technology helps protect copyrighted materials by ensuring secure delivery and distribution of content during flight. Inplay’s ability to provide offline DRM is especially important in aircraft that do not have a data connection to the ground. Offline DRM enables secure content playback through a multi-DRM customized software designed to protect premium content delivery and playback in environments with limited or non-existent internet access. This advantage can eliminate the need for passengers to download an airline-specific app before boarding the flight.

“SPI and IdeaNova have worked for years on DRM and a variety of other projects,” said Juraj Siska, CEO at IdeaNova Technologies. “Working on building Inplay DRM into SPI’s legacy system and soon to be extended to all their IFE systems, is a privilege as it puts all the features of our

DRM technology through serious moves to build a brilliant and dynamic content distribution system for travelers. Display of high-quality content to seatback devices requires a specialized combination of skills in software security, DRM, and low-level coding. There are only a dozen or so companies in the world that have these skills; we’re delighted that SPI selected us.

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