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IdeaNova Wins PAX Technology Award for Third Year in a Row

June 4, 2024

For the third year in a row, IdeaNova has been voted a “Technology Award Winner” by the readers of PAX International Magazine, the leading industry publication for airline executives. IdeaNova received the 2024 technology award for its next-generation Inplay Edge solution. The award highlights the innovative technologies and solutions that are enhancing the passenger experience in the aviation industry.

Inplay Edge addresses the high cost of connectivity and bandwidth limitations to stream high-quality content to a planeload of passengers. It allows efficient use of existing bandwidth to stream content on the aircraft – just once. Content is cached on the aircraft for subsequent users to use over a local area network–no need for expensive Internet connectivity.

The PAX Readership Awards recognize the efforts of airlines, caterers, and suppliers from around the world as voted by the ever-growing readership. The Readership awards have been running for 17 years. The annual readership awards took place at the AIX Show in Hamburg, Germany.

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