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IdeaNova is a software company with almost two decades of experience in IT security and secure video streaming. Inplay secure streaming pioneered distribution and integration of Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies for modern Inflight Entertainment Systems (IFE), the Media & Entertainment, healthcare and other industries.

Our range of Services and Products are designed to reduce the complexities of delivering security solutions via attractive, reliable, state of the art technology to our clients. In play secure streaming delivers ready to use components and end-to-end software everywhere.

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What Our Customers Says

We are very happy with the work that IdeaNova Technologies did for us on a key project. They were able to drive the project forward by gaining team alignment, project management and solving challenging technical issues. In short, the project would not have been as successful without their effort.

-VP of Product Development Erik Lemond, Aircel

IdeaNova’s InTouch technology provides the perfect opportunity to brand your live video technology and create an environment only YOU can boast. Backgrounds, buttons, screen format, and desired functionality – are all customizable to ensure everyone attending your meeting or program virtually – never forget who they are doing business with.

-Kelli Keyzers Director, Marketing & Communications, NACC

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