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4-traders:IdeaNova Announces INPLAY Lite Player

March 25, 2017
03/30/2017 | 08:04pm CET

NAPERVILLE, IL–(Marketwired – Mar 30, 2017) – IdeaNova Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of inflight entertainment solutions, announced the release of their newest multimedia player INPLAY Lite. INPLAY Lite provides for playback of non-DRM content natively on PC, Mac and mobile devices allowing the user to immediately access media content without the inconvenience of downloading a mobile application or plugin. INPLAY Lite takes advantage of Apple’s support for fragmented mp4 files, which allows for reuse of the same mp4 assets across all platforms ensuring unprecedented efficiency that maximizes storage space and reduces operational efforts typically required to manage digital media.

“This new release of INPLAY Lite takes advantage of the latest industry innovations to play non-DRM content and includes all the features and functionality of our industry-leading INPLAY DRM players which offer adaptive streaming and adaptive download,” said Juraj Siska, CTO of IdeaNova Technologies. “It introduces new capabilities that drive strong viewer engagement and greater flexibility for monetization.”

INPLAY Lite players leverage Dash and HLS technologies implemented in a web library for compatible browsers and utilize modern web technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript, which are compatible with a majority of modern laptop and mobile browsers. In addition, INPLAY Lite allows for multi-period advertisement insertion and seamless transition between playback of ad and media content.

The player can be optionally integrated with IdeaNova’s INPLAY Communicator and INSHOW Analytics. INPLAY Communicator is a unique feature that lets users communicate with other passengers or flight crew for service requests, personal announcements, and more, all while disconnected from the Internet. INSHOW Analytics can collect and report vital information about your entire media-streaming ecosystem from a fine grain trace level of technical detail to data limited to mission critical operations. INSHOW provides the business with a user interface that lets them analyze and visualize key data related to their customer’s overall media playback experience.

INPLAY Lite is delivered with a media content packager capable of packaging clear and DRM content from the same interface, simplifying the operational process in order to streamline media production.

The new INPLAY Lite player is available now from www.ideanovatech.com/registerINPLAYLite.php. For more information contact IdeaNova at 630-470-9477 or info@ideanovatech.com.

About IdeaNova
IdeaNova Technologies was founded in 2008 to provide integration and risk management services to clients who need expert advice and tangible results quickly. The company offers products and a full range of services from management consulting, IT security and online video management. The business is comprised of skilled, motivated and seasoned professionals ready to tackle your most difficult problems. Visit us at: www.ideanovatech.com and follow us on Twitter @ideanovatech.

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