DRM Playback Troubleshooting on Android

DRM Playback Troubleshooting on Android

Android Chrome 75 is out and we have confirmed that it solves the issue with Widevine provisioning in disconnected mode.  Users that used Chrome 74 or earlier should clean their browsing history. Then, at least 2 minutes, remain connected for the new provisioning implementation to take full effect allowing for DRM Playback. 

We advise all Android users willing to watch DRM content in their browser, especially airline passengers, to upgrade their Chrome browser.

Here are the steps to clear local history:

Step 1 Open Chrome and select “History”

Step 2. Tap “Clear browsing data…”

Step3. Clear selected data.

After following those steps, the user should be able to stream DRM content. It is also of importance to note that a rooted Phone will not be supported as per the definition and requirements of DRM playback.

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