Android In Browser DRM Playback.

Android In Browser DRM Playback.

IdeaNova has been working with Google to address the offline playback capabilities of Widevine protected DRM content in Browser.  For the past year, we have been working specifically on a well-known Android DRM provisioning issue (for more details click here).  Here is an update on the results of this cooperation.

Starting with Chrome 75 (expected release in June 2019), Android devices will be able to play offline content in Chrome. Please review the matrix below for the pre-provisioning behavior on various Android versions.

In Browser

As long as Chrome on the Android device was connected to the Internet at least once (for a period of more than 2 minutes), and could reach a provisioning server (, the device will be provisioned. Also, there will be 2 pre-provisioned origin IDs always available for offline playback of all other domains, even if the device is not connected.

Some Android devices will prompt users to accept the provisioning request using a prompt as specified in the following table:


Example provisioning prompt Inplay users will see on applicable Android devices:



We believe that the above solution, together with IdeaNova’s provisioning profile, will sufficiently address the IFE use case. Please contact us at if you have questions or if you would like instructions on how to test this with Chrome Canary.

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