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Continuous Contributions: IdeaNova’s Dedication to Improvement

August 10, 2021

In addition to being a finalist at the 2019 APEX Awards, shortlisted for the 2020 Crystal Cabin Award, and receiving recognition at the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards in 2021, IdeaNova continues to bring innovative features to their product line. Such dedication has led to new ways for travelers to not only enjoy films on their flight, but work or socialize as well.

With new travel trends appearing for the 2021 Summer, IdeaNova Technologies has crafted innovations on our Inplay product to help you stay engaged. A common struggle for most travelers is not being able to sit with their group. With IdeaNova’s video chat option, travelers can connect with their group as well as other passengers for a more engaging flight. Our new feature, WeWatch, allows for synchronized group viewing and a heightened film sharing experience. These two new changes are seamlessly integrated into Inplay Text Chat offered to our customers for many years.

Health and safety are major concerns for many travelers. IdeaNova Technologies shares those concerns which is why we offer a customizable Inplay portal with displays for safety messages and alerts that keep passengers informed. Additionally, there is a children’s entertainment content option, as well as chat and video call features so family members can check in on each other throughout the flight.

IdeaNova has heard the needs of business travelers and now provides an improved video conferencing feature. Through the chat section of Inplay, you can access the Intouch icon to conclude viewing your movie or tv show and immediately join a video conference call. This is a powerful new feature that gives airlines new revenue option while managing the bandwidth and quality of service to the satisfaction of passengers and airline operation team.

As IdeaNova continues to release new products and features, we would like to thank you for allowing us to help travelers work, play or just relax before they reach their final destination. To those attending the APEX Expo in Long Beach, we look forward to connecting! We will be located at booth 711.

For more information on our growing suite of products, please reach out to us at info@ideanovatech.com

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