Features of a Modern IFE Portal -April 2021

Features of a Modern IFE Portal -April 2021

Throughout the years, IdeaNova’s Inplay Portal continues to be award recognized. A finalist at 2019 APEX Awards, shortlisted for the 2020 Crystal Cabin Award, and in 2021 receiving recognition for its player component with the Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards. It is this recognition that motivates our team to continue building and innovating for the next wave of passengers after the covid-19 pandemic put a halt on much of the 2020 travel plans.However, with this our team was able to improve and add new features to our Inplay Portal making it a modern portal for travel needs.

Our latest features of our Inplay IFE Portal really highlight what it means to be a modern player – introducing our Inplay Video Chat. A modern portal not only highlights the latest technology abilities for a passenger to discover, but also takes in to consideration non-technology components to make the experience enjoyable for all passengers.

Our team took the time during lockdown to think about what passengers might like to see after being socially distanced and isolated. We realized the social connection and engagement that comes with traveling was among one of the most important things passengers will look forward to when they are on their flight. Implementation of the Inplay Video Chat safely allows passengers to engage with each other and crew just as they did before, but with added safety measures in place. Also, taking into consideration how to keep everyone aboard healthy and comfortable.

The Inplay Video Chat lets passengers communicate directly through the onboard inflight entertainment portal with a video chat. For example, reaching out to the flight attendant and speaking directly when passengers may want an extra blanket or refreshments at their seat. Using video chat provides seamless communication while also limiting movement around the cabin for more space as an added safety precaution.

A Modern IFE Portal also provides updates as necessary, that includes being able to switch to digital formats if a carrier wishes. For example, physical magazines located in front of a seat are becoming more and more removed and transferred to digital format to reduce physically shared items. With our modern Inplay IFE Portal, magazine and shopping cart are available directly in the portal on a passenger’s own device, allowing the passenger full control of their entertainment content. IdeaNova’s Inplay Portal continues to grow by often adding new features and improving functionality for an always up-to-date experience. We look forward to service all carriers with a modern take on inflight entertainment.

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