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IdeaNova Debuts Software to Bridge Gap Between IFE Deliveredto PEDs and Seatbacks

June 28, 2023

IdeaNova Debuts Software to Bridge Gap Between IFE Delivered to PEDs and Seatbacks

HAMBURG, Germany, June 6, 2023—AIX 2023—With the goal of bridging the gap between IFE delivered to personal electronic devices (PEDs) and seatback displays, IdeaNova Technologies, a leader in IFE systems and secure video streaming, today announced the launch of Inplay Flow.

Streaming services have changed the way media is consumed—at home and in flight. With the ability to download content to personal electronic devices (PEDs) to watch when they like, passengers now have more entertainment options when they fly. For some airlines, this has meant choosing between one option over another. With Inplay Flow they can have the best of both worlds.

An innovative, new software solution, IdeaNova’s Inplay Flow allows passengers to share their content including movies, TV shows, pictures, or documents between their PED and seatback—and do it conveniently and in a passenger-friendly way. They can also share pre-downloaded content or content stored locally from popular subscription VOD platforms, if allowed by the license usage. Business travelers can leverage the “share” option to use the seatback screen as their second screen, while working on material that requires more screen space. IdeaNova will demonstrate this new technology at AIX 2023 in Hamburg, Germany, June 6 to 8.

“We believe that Inplay Flow will help eliminate the debate that has continued for years about the benefits of IFE delivered to a seatback display versus a PED,” said Juraj Siska, CEO of IdeaNova. “Now passengers can have the best of both worlds.”

Inplay Flow opens up a new world of possibilities for passengers, such as enabling them to enjoy a more immersive experience during flight or serving as a second screen for business travelers needing an additional display to be more productive.

Key features of Inplay Flow inc) Photos or other applications can be shared directly from the device.

  • Three modes of operation:
    1. Photos or other applications can be shared directly from the device.
    2. The player can provide screen sharing options for playback of video, static images, and audio files.
    3. The share option allows casting content from laptops to seatback display, extending the available screen space in the cabin.

Alternatively, Inplay Flow can be operated via a native app integrated into an airline provided passenger application, which provides more features for the user to share.

  • DRM encrypted content can also be shared, as long as permitted by the content owners and studios.
  • Can leverage any current {LAN or Wi-Fi) based networking or future networking options such as LiFi or Wi-Fi 6 technology.


Inplay Flow was not developed in a vacuum, said Siska. “It was based on passenger feedback and our IFE expertise in customer scenarios, including back-end streaming software on headend aircraft servers, seatback displays, and customer-facing applications beyond traditional content-watching experiences. Customers wanted more than an either-or scenario—seatback vs PED.”

Visit IdeaNova at AIX 2023

From June 6 to June 8, IdeaNova will be exhibiting at Stand 2D55 at AIX 2023 held at the Hamburg Messe und Congress. In addition to Inplay Flow, IdeaNova will be demonstrating its line of award-winning Inplay and Intouch products at the show. The company will be also showing for the first time Inplay Audio, a platform for streaming music and podcasts.


About IdeaNova Technologies, Inc.

IdeaNova Technologies, Inc., based in Naperville, IL, is a software company with more than a decade of experience in IT security and secure video streaming. The company pioneered the distribution and integration of secure streaming technologies in aviation, media, and entertainment industries. If you’d like to learn more about Inconcert, Intouch, Inplay or the growing suite of products, please contact IdeaNova Technologies at 630-470-9477 or email info@ideanovatech.com.

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