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IdeaNova highlights Intouch ahead of APEX EXPO

December 20, 2021

IdeaNova highlights Intouch ahead of APEX EXPO

IdeaNova will highlight its latest inflight innovation Intouch at the upcoming APEX EXPO in Long Beach.

“Here at IdeaNova, we strive towards perfection in delivering beautiful applications accessible to passengers everywhere. Our newest product, Intouch, continues this long line of infotainment products, this time allowing passengers to stay connected while flying,” reads the November press release.

Intouch is a web conferencing tool built to minimize steps needed to connect with remote participants. In most cases, users have to click only once to connect with others. Intouch is highly customizable, giving airlines and operators the opportunity to embed their brand and user interface into every aspect of the online communication.

It has a wide range of features for web meetings, plus unique functionality that makes it easier to invite participants to a meeting, conduct meetings in high resolutions up to 4k, and even play trivia games while waiting for the audience. Participants can engage in multiple online sessions, meeting multiple groups of people at the same time.

The Intouch Pods feature allows users to quickly switch from one meeting room to another.

“What is perhaps even more important for aviation is the embedded security and flexibility of deployment,” says the release.

With Intouch operators can host Intouch in their own data center, managing connectivity, bandwidth usage and data flow, ensuring security and confidentiality of communications. To improve cost, Intouch automatically reduces video resolution to the point of audio-only transmission, allowing all passengers to stay connected.

“We believe Intouch will give airlines yet another tool to attract business passengers back to flying, allowing them to stay productive by connecting with colleagues and business partners while flying. Airlines and operators have full control over the deployment, giving them all the tools needed to provide reliable and predictable experience for their customers. It also gives airlines another revenue generation opportunity on their way back to profitability after months of difficult business climate,” said Juraj Siska, CEO of IdeaNova.

IdeaNova is exhibiting at booth #711 at APEX from November 30 to December 2.

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