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IdeaNova Introduces Inplay Payment

April 8, 2022

Official Launch of Inplay Payment Feature

Company introduces new feature to their Inplay product that allows passengers to easily purchase merchandise and paid IFE content.


NAPERVILLE, IL – IdeaNova Technologies has officially launched Inplay Payment: An Inplay feature that allows passengers to make offline credit card transactions. People are used to online shopping and this is no different – you’ll just be thousands of feet in the air while doing so. There will also be options to directly pay for IFE content that does not come with the standard package. Inplay payment allows for contactless, instant payments with higher security that provides the customer with a better shopping experience.

Inplay Payment supports Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and iPad and provides a quick and easy way for passengers to do some online shopping, make future travel plans or order food and beverage in contactless/safe fashion. For airlines it allows an opportunity to insert important messaging, increase ad revenue as well as increases passenger engagement with the portal whether on connected or Internet disconnected offline aircraft. There will be more users viewing IFE content, purchasing merchandise, and watching ads thanks to Inplay Payment – resulting in greater overall customer satisfaction.

The Inplay Payment module is modularly built, making it easy for airlines or IFE vendors to introduce it as a component to their existing IFE platform. Inplay Payment is fully customizable and can even be displayed in your preferred language.  For customers that are already using IdeaNova Inplay components, Inplay Payment is just another small docker image inserted into the overall infrastructure.

“We are excited about Inplay Payment system as it allows us to expand beyond our traditional video streaming offering into the revenue generation space for our customers.  This second generation of our product offers more modular and extensible architecture, that is easy to integrate into any IFE environment.  Our plans are to expand Inplay Payment beyond traditional credit card processing, making it future proof solution for aviation industry.” Said IdeaNova CEO, Juraj Siska.

For more information about our Inplay Suite, visit the official IdeaNova Website: https://www.ideanovatech.com/products/#inplay

About IdeaNova Technologies, Inc.
IdeaNova Technologies, Inc. is a software company with more than a decade of experience in IT security and secure video streaming. They pioneered the distribution and integration of secure streaming technologies in aviation, media, and entertainment industries. If you’d like to learn more about Inconcert, Intouch, Inplay or the growing suite of products, please contact IdeaNova Technologies at 630-470-9477 or email info@ideanovatech.com.

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