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IdeaNova Technologies Debuts Linux DRM Server and Updated Inplay Portal

September 13, 2019


      The newly updated InPlay Portal from IdeaNova Technologies. Image via IdeaNova Technologies

“Traditionally, Microsoft’s underlying DRM technology has only supported the Windows operating system,” explained Janne Pelkonen, CTO of IdeaNova Technologies. “Now that Microsoft has come up with a version of its software that supports the Linux system, we have integrated that into our PlayReady DRM server.”

Pelkonen explained that as in-flight entertainment (IFE) servers are predominantly Linux-based, this new offering will fit into the existing server architecture of virtually all IFE providers. This update requires only one tenth of the hardware resources needed to use the Windows operating system. “They don’t need the Windows server anymore, which streamlines their system and saves them from incurring extra costs,” he said.

In addition, IdeaNova has said that Microsoft PlayReady is the only DRM technology that supports hardware encryption on the Microsoft Edge browser. PlayReady provides a higher-level security required by studios to stream premium content.

“Microsoft has come up with a version of its software that supported the Linux system, and we have integrated that into our PlayReady DRM server.” – Janne Pelkonen, IdeaNova Technologies

The company’s DRM server is already flying on over 1,000 aircraft, and it is also responsible for the InPlay Portal, the latest version of which was a finalist in the “APEX Best Inflight Entertainment Innovation” category at the 2020 APEX/IFSA awards.

The portal, due to begin flying with an airline by the end of this year, enables both ad-sponsored video on demand and live TV content. “The InPlay Portal now allows passengers to interact with the onboard chat function and moving maps without leaving the entertainment player,” stated Juraj Siska, CEO of IdeaNova Technologies.

Depending on a passengers’ individual needs, they can change the size, font and color of their audio subtitles. Rather than traditional fast-forward and rewind buttons, the portal can instead skip scenes, making the content easier to navigate.

The PlayReady DRM server and the InPlay Portal don’t need to be used in conjunction with one another. Siska confirmed that the first airline to deploy the new InPlay Portal will be using a different back-end system.

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