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Make Flying Social

April 8, 2022

Travel is largely back to normal, especially for domestic travel in the USA, where passengers are eager to get back to discovering new destinations and reconnecting with friends and family.  Technology is ready to make travel even more enjoyable, taking it to a level travelers expect based on their on the ground experience.


At the last Apex Expo in Long Beach, California, our company was fortunate to welcome dozens of visitors.  Many of them showed interest in our streaming platform, known for the secure delivery of Hollywood movies and TV shows.  Last year we introduced Inplay Bash, which is a collection of technologies with a single goal – make entertainment social by keeping passengers connected.  Among the many visitors we met, every single one of them was impressed with this idea, many saying: “I want this on my next flight”.

Inplay Bash

“I want this on my next flight” was predominantly aimed at the party watching feature, “WeWatch,” which allows passengers to watch the same content at the same time.  Inplay Bash offers many other features like text or video chat that make the sharing and discovering of content, and the journey, even more enjoyable.

The social aspect of travel has its constraints as well, related to respecting people’s privacy, which can be handled by properly placed technology controls.  We think WeWatch handles it well, and despite any privacy concerns, the benefits greatly outweigh the disadvantages.  Here are a few examples:

Traveling with family

Parents find themselves with limited options to contain their kids’ curiosity, console their discomfort of flying or provide a sufficient level of entertainment.  The invention of IFE made this easier, giving IFE the nickname “digital pacifier.”  Discovery of kid friendly content can still be a challenge as can be the navigation of the IFE system.  WeWatch made this easier with the click of a button.

Watching sports

Watching your favorite team is fun on its own, but watching with your friends is even more fun.  Being able to pause and replay is common but being able to see your friends’ expressions when there’s excitement in the game takes it to the level people are used to on the ground.  Sports, socializing, and air travel is a winning combination.  Our technology makes this happen.

Discovering new content

Many of us fly to discover new destinations, but in the famous words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey,” travelers can recommend content passively through customer ratings or in real time by inviting others to enjoy the show they’d like to watch in-flight with Inplay Bash.

About The Author
Juraj Siska is an IT professional with a fruitful history of building secure IT systems.  After a successful IT consulting career, he started IdeaNova Technologies which provides high quality IFE products and services to avionics customers worldwide.  Juraj has led IdeaNova for fifteen years of bringing innovation and professionalism to its clients.   He graduated from Iowa State with a PhD in engineering and is the company’s CEO, overseeing business and technical implementation of the next generation of IFE systems.

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