What Does the Future of DRM Look Like – 5 Predictions

What Does the Future of DRM Look Like – 5 Predictions

Advancements in technology are everywhere. InFlight Entertainment (IFE) is no exception to experiencing some of the latest changes that come with the changing .  Here we discuss what 5 things we believe will be major game changers for the future of DRM.

Protection of user data 

The aspect of responsible data usage is a growing concern among individuals who share their information online.  With this in mind, IdeaNova helps customers comply with rules by enforcing the secure and proper handling of data. Such things include HTTPS usage. Therefore, providing personalized IFE data in compliance with industry standards is our top priority. We will continue to shape the products we release keeping this important aspect in mind throughout our journey.

Hardware enforced security 

Encryption, which is at the root of DRM, can be hardware- or software-based or both. To explain, these security systems enforce security at the hardware, OS and application level. Also, trusted platform module (TPM) will be a growing keyword. To conclude, TPM will be an important topic within the next few years as data protection is prioritized for clients and businesses.

Social networking aspect of travel

As aircrafts become more connected, the opportunity for passengers to collaborate grows.  For example, passengers will want to share important information about the destinations they are about to visit, meal and finally entertainment data. To that end, it includes the sharing and protection of travel plans, in flight communication between passengers and flight attendants and the discoveries travelers find while traveling.

Continuous entertainment 

The expansion of how to incorporate entertainment throughout the passenger’s journey and beyond air travel will be a major influence for the future of IFE. For example, airplane carriers will need to be well equipped to handle passenger entertainment across all travel aspects: check in, connecting flights, time spent at the airport and arrival at one’s destination.

High quality content (4K, HDR)

Finally, passengers are used to seeing great content on the ground that continuously is improving with innovations in speed and quality of streaming.  With this in mind, these same passengers will expect the same kind of quality viewing in the air. In order to account for this, IdeaNova supports CBCS encryption. This allows for single content usage that yields higher quality at the same space. Finally, having high quality content also includes limiting buffering time, preventing connection issues and seamlessly delivery of that content to the passenger.


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