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Inplay Flow

Inplay Flow gives passengers “the best of both worlds” by allowing them to share content between PEDs and seatback screens. Inplay Flow makes it possible to share content such as videos, pictures, or documents in a convenient and user-friendly way. It unleashes greater opportunity for immersive in-cabin entertainment and the elevation of business productivity tools, while reducing infrastructure and content costs.


Bridges the seatback/PED gap

Designed for airlines, Inplay Flow allows passengers to share content between their PED and seatback display—including movies, pictures, and documents—in a convenient and user-friendly way. No need to offer one or the other—it provides the best of both worlds..


Now DRM Content be Shared

A special aspect is that digital rights managed (DRM) encrypted content can also be shared, as long as it is permitted by the content owners and studio


Reduces Infrastructure and Licensing Costs

Content sharing can help airlines reduce their costs for licensing content. Meanwhile, passengers on airlines that already provide licensed content can benefit from a wider selection that combines their own and airline-provided content.


Serves as a Business Productivity Tool

For business traveler, productivity is essential Now they can leverage their seatback display as their second screen, improving the work environment while flying, thus improving productivity.