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Inplay secure streaming provides an end to end DRM solution using modern technologies. These products are currently distributed around the world.


Secure, customizable, multi-camera video conferencing platform accessible directly in browser with a single click.  Intouch is a hosted platform by us or can be deployed in your on premise or cloud server space.


A revolutionary new way of experiencing virtual shows and events with built in monetization and analytical tools for artists. Multiple camera angles allow for a more detailed performance as if you’re watching it live.

INSHOW Analytics

Powerful data analysis tool that puts key data at an organization’s fingertips to be used to enhance and improve the customer’s complete IFE experience.


INKEEPER provides DRM key management functionality used in connection with DRM packaging,  and supports secure DRM key export and reporting functionality.

INPLAY Cloud Platform

All IdeaNova products accessible at your fingertips at the time when you need it the most. This “pay as you go” model will provide the latest of secure DRM content and key management, license issuance and analytics.


Inplay Flow gives passengers “the best of both worlds” by allowing them to share content between PEDs and seatback screens. Inplay Flow makes it possible to share content such as movies, TV shows, pictures, or documents in a convenient and user-friendly way. It unleashes greater opportunity for immersive in-cabin entertainment and the elevation of business productivity tools, while reducing infrastructure and content costs.


A unique solution, Intouch Nearcast upgrades the inflight experience for passengers on commercial flights and private jets. Now travelers can share screen and video content with other passengers.

Inplay Suite

INPLAY Packager

The packager is capable of encoding and encrypting DRM content using multiple encoding profiles and DRM technologies.  INPLAY Packager can also generate non DRM content in the most flexible format desired by operators.  Therefore, you will receive the most advanced technology with a multitude of features such as  support for multiple audios and subtitles, watermarking, error detection, scalability. The packager supports operation on both Windows and Linux platforms and can be run from command line in flexible thread and scheduling configuration.

INPLAY DRM License Servers

INPLAY license servers represent a series of DRM servers and proxy architected to minimize resource requirements without sacrificing performance.  These are designed for secure, license key delivery of all major DRM technologies:  Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, Apple FairPlay and Intertrust Marlin.  All license servers provide flexible access through DRM proxy, hence it implements configurable business validation services such as: device validation and DRM policy configuration.

INPLAY Players

These players are state of the art solutions to address demands for modern content delivery.  This is either directly in browser or via native application on iOS and Android. These players are designed with the end user in mind to maximize usability, performance and convenience for integration.The players are capable of playing DRM and non DRM content either in browser of via native application everywhere. This includes in browser playback of DRM content on iOS Safari.


INPLAY  Live is bringing live TV content to airline passengers.  The product allows airlines to provide these services with minimal investment in IFE infrastructure. INPLAY Live is designed to fit seamlessly in to existing IFE systems and to support a wide variety of client devices.


This player provides a window to the future by bridging real travel with destinations limited only by virtual imagination.  Inplay VR provides all the advanced features and functionality of other Inplay players plus it  renders DRM and non DRM content in 360 or any other field of view deemed suitable by clients or content producers.

Inplay portal

We continue to innovate our Inplay IFE Portal as part of the Inplay secure streaming platform.  Now offering the ability for user to choose their content even when not connected. The Inplay IFE Portal and our secure DRM players integrate with an onboard chat and moving maps, thus enabling convenient journey tracking while enjoying the entertainment program. The Portal also includes alternative entertainment options such as ad-sponsored video on demand and live TV. The feature rich player offers multi language audio, subtitles and accessibility features all suited for either in browser or application based playback.

Inplay Portal 



IdeaNova introduces a new product which allows you to offer your passengers the media experience they’ve come to expect at home. Put the latest movies and TV shows in the palm of their hands through mobile phones, tablets or laptops. With our solution, passengers can catch up on their favorite shows, choose from new movie releases, or learn about their travel destination.



Whether it’s a hit movie, your favorite TV show, an informational safety video, or tour and travel videos, we can work with you to develop a library that will appeal to your target audiences. Tailor content offerings to suit a variety of trips, routes or demographics.

  • Licensed Studio Content: Movies and TV
  • Travel and Tour Videos
  • Safety Videos


Content stored on the on-board media server is protected by Digital Rights Management(DRM) software. The videos which users select to watch are streamed to personal devices. IdeaNova IFE solutions serves 200 million passengers annually, on almost 20 airlines and about 500 aircrafts.


IdeaNova enables enterprises, educational institutions, entertainment providers, and advertisers to manage and securely distribute video content. Talk to us about content syndication and distribution, whether it be stored content or real time broadcast to laptops, personal computers or mobile devices, premium studio content that requires DRM rights or user-generated content. Build a unique experience for viewers with a custom user interface and branded players.


Space is at a premium in vehicles. The wireless media solution is made up of two pieces of equipment: a media server and a Wi-Fi transmitter. Our system integrates with existing on-board Wi-Fi without consuming Internet bandwidth.



Provide studio or custom video content to your vehicles without installing video equipment. Let your customers stream content using their own devices enabled through Inplay secure streaming. Entertain and inform your passenger with a single interface. Augment movie and TV  offering with content to suit the needs of your customers such as passenger safety or travel  video featuring destinations along the route.


Captive Portal

Facilitates discovery of IFE Portal immediately after users connect to SSID


Inplay Captive Portal provides superior end user engagement by enabling easy discovery of content without the need to type cumbersome URLs, which are often error prone.


Works on all modern platforms including Android, iOS, iPad and laptops.  Our team pays close attention to new trends in web and mobile development to insure compatibility across a wide range of devices and operating systems.


Provides the ability to configure the workflow and content for higher engagement with digital products such as merchandize, important message alerts, … Inplay Captive Portal supports internalization as it can be displayed in the users’ choice of language.

Content Loader

Protocol agnostic, secure content management product with resumptions between sessions


This protocol agnostic content management system delivers the best performance under given connectivity.Should the connectivity be interrupted in the middle of the transfer, Inplay Content Loader resumes from the point where it stopped, saving time and bandwidth.


Inplay Content assures content transfer is accurate through comprehensive checksum of content at a very granular level.  No bytes are wasted with retransferring the same content twice and mistakes of incomplete content files are avoided by ensuring only completed content is presented to the end user.


Inplay Content Loader can work with any content including video, audio, subtitles as well as web updates, configuration files and many more.  The process provides comprehensive logs for subsequent analysis and reporting, leaving room for further improvements and fine tuning of the content management process.



Award winning onboard text and video chat between viewers, including synchronized content viewing.  Allows selection of profiles using emojis, color themes default web cameras.  Provides secure private and public configuration to respect user privacy


Text based chat integrated with the content playback and portal.  Requires minimal computer resources to run and negligible amount of time for maintenance.


Video chat integrated with the content playback and portal.  Similar to text messaging it allows user friendly integration with all aspects of portal and player.  It’s privacy feature filters out unwanted communication.


Invitation only, synchronous content watching.  With WeWatch friends and family can enjoy watching the same content at the same time.  And while using Text or Video chat we enable additional engagement around the watched content.


Secure, customizable, multi-camera video conferencing platform.  Intouch provides on premise or cloud hosted deployment options with additional configuration options for bandwidth constrained deployments.

Inplay Packager

Multi Format

Supports multiple DRM platforms such as Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady, and Intertrust Marlin as well as packaging of non encrypted files in the most efficient format for operators to use.

Content Encoding

Flexible content encoding optimized for delivery for different platforms with the most suitable resolution, bitrate, container type, file type.

Multi Platform

The packager supports operation on both Windows and Linux platforms.  It can also be configured to run as a scheduled task on a single or multiple threads to meet the performance objectives of the operators.

Multi Language Audio and Subtitles

Generates multiple audios and subtitles, designed to optimize playback on Web, Android, iOS platforms using INPLAY or third party players.

License Servers

Inplay Widevine License Server

Supports Widevine Classic and Modular DRM. Capable of secure license delivery for AES-CBC and AES-CTR keys to meet current and future content encryption media formats.
Runs on all major x86 and ARM based Linux and Windows platforms.

Inplay Marlin License Server

Supports Marlin DRM.  Capable of secure license delivery to stream HLS and Dash media formats.
Runs on all major x86 and ARM based Linux and Windows platforms.

Inplay FairPlay License Server

Supports Apple FairPlay DRM.  Capable of secure license delivery for AES-CBC keys to stream ts and mp4 types of media.
Runs on all major x86 and ARM based Linux and Windows platforms.

Inplay PlayReady License Server

Supports PlayReady DRM.  Capable of secure license delivery for AES-CBC and AES-CTR keys to meet current and future content encryption media formats.
Runs on Windows Server platforms.

 License Servers Supported Platforms

Inplay Players

Inplay In Browser Players

Ideally suited for users who need in browser playback experience.  These players consists of: INPLAY Web (in browser DRM playback), INPLAY Lite (in browser non DRM playback) and INPLAY Instant (Fallback players that can bridge the gaps in DRM technologies supplied by browser vendors).

Inplay Mobile

These players provide DRM and non DRM playback of content in native application on Android and iOS.  These players represent feature rich and configurable SDKs suitable for building native application that require streaming video.



INPLAY players support playback of multiple DRM files (Widevine, PlayReady, Marlin, FairPlay) in a plethora of file formats and contain configuration such as: mp4, HLS, DASH, webvtt, …


These feature rich players are ideally suited for rapid enablement of streaming content delivery in standard and substandard network conditions.  Consequently, all players are capable of streaming downloaded content, giving users yet another deployment channel to enjoy content wherever they may be.

Inplay Web Players Supported Platforms

Inplay Cloud Platform

Secure content ingestion and processing

This component enhances secure access and transfer of media content and completes Inplay secure streaming platform.  Based on the specific needs, this platform is configured to securely process content files provided by our customers accessible only by authorized personnel.

Scalable Encoding and Encryption

INPLAY Packager and INKEEPER are used to produce a scalable solution that is capable of encoding and encrypting virtually unlimited number of files.  At the same time, we provide: 1) unique access control functionality that allows our clients to issue and track their content at each stage of processing, 2) monitor usage of DRM license keys and 3) provide accurate accounting and reporting at the most granular level.  We leverage all modern form of encryption using Dash, HLS to generate encrypted files that can be played using Widevine, FairPlay and Microsoft.

DRM License Servers

Unlimited access to Apple FairPlay, Google Widevine and Microsoft PlayReady license servers available 24/7.   Ability to customize configuration of license server proxy (INPLAY Proxy) with required security and content policy rules.




Rich Feature Set

Supports streaming as well as download of DRM and non DRM content.  It also supports multi language audio and subtitles for all content formats: 2D and 360.

Future Proof

Inplay secure streaming in VR is a software solution that can be deployed on many popular headsets and cardboard devices that run Android OS.

Multiple Deployment Modes

Supports steaming as well as playback from pre downloaded continent files.

Inplay Live


Leverages existing infrastructure that a customer might have to either manage content in their on-premise data centers or stream content from an onboard IFE server.Inplay secure streaming is now available with linear content.

Bandwidth Sensitive

Optimized for maximizing the usage of available air to ground bandwidth and in-cabin bandwidth.

Secure and Convenient

Leverages production proven DRM license servers and INPLAY players to deliver encrypted and unencrypted content to passenger devices either directly to their browsers or to the iOS/Android applications.




Secure Communication

Protection that encrypts every bit of communication using transport and data layer security with flexible deployment on premise or in the cloud

Data Protection

This HIPAA compliant feature leverages the fastest available technology to render uninterrupted communication.

Multi-Platform Support

Easily accessible directly in browser with no need to download an application or find Intouch on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.



“I love how Ideanova was able to integrate our branding into our presentation. They truly helped bring our brand to life. With so many virtual meetings, our presentation with Ideanova is one that truly stood out. It was unique, bright, and made our branding pop.”

-Kaylin Risvold, President & CEO


“IdeaNova’s InTouch technology provides the perfect opportunity to brand your live video technology and create an environment only YOU can boast.  Backgrounds, buttons, screen format, and desired functionality – are all customizable to ensure everyone attending your meeting or program virtually – never forget who they are doing business with.”

-Kelli Keyzers
Director, Marketing & Communications


“It has been exciting to work with IdeaNova Technologies in this new global environment.”

-Ron, Choudhury, CEO


“Intouch lets us work with our clients knowing every part of the solution is secure. Not only is user data protected, but the platform gives us extra security to control the workflow of every meeting with flexible deployment options.”

-Dan Beckett, Principal Inventor


Data Analysis

INSHOW from IdeaNova provides collection, analysis, and reporting of vital information about your entire media streaming ecosystem.

Data Storage

The system will store and forward data based on the network conditions, availability of resources, etc. The system is bandwidth sensitive, respecting all possible scenarios of network conditions

User Interface

INSHOW provides the business with a user interface to analyze and visualize key data about the customer’s media playback experience. Alternatively, customers can also choose to process the INSHOW gathered data in their own analytical tools only.



DRM Key Management System

DRM Key Management System INKEEPER from IdeaNova provides a flexible solution to manage DRM keys for all supported DRM platforms (PlayReady, Widevine, Fairplay) with secure key generation and distribution capabilities. It has an intuitive user interface and features sophisticated role based access control mechanism.

Integration with INPLAY Content Packager For Content Encryption

The system manages and stores DRM keys and makes them available for packaging.  INPLAY Packager has access to the DRM keys in a secure and scalable way to meet the needs of individual content encryption or a batch of media files that belong to a brand new campaign.

Easy Configuration

The system stores and manages encrypted keys.  Access to the keys is given based on roles, which are configured in LDAP or any other user repository.   Therefore, data import and export is also secured, leveraging both symmetric and asymmetric encryption that meets the customers security and performance requirements.


Bridges the Seatback/PED gap

Designed for airlines, Inplay Flow allows passengers to share content between their PED and seatback display—including videos, pictures, and documents—in a convenient and user-friendly way. No need to offer one or the other—it provides the best of both worlds.

Reduces Infrastructure and Licensing Costs

Content sharing can help airlines reduce their costs for licensing content. Meanwhile, passengers on airlines that already provide licensed content can benefit from a wider selection that combines their own and airline-provided content.

Now DRM Content can be Shared

A special aspect is that digital rights managed (DRM) encrypted content can also be shared, as long as it is permitted by the content owners and studio.

Serves as a Business Productivity Tool

For the business traveler, productivity is essential! Now they can leverage their seatback display as their second screen, improving the work environment while flying, thus improving productivity.






Inflight Screen and Video Sharing—Without Internet

A first-of-its-kind solution, Intouch Nearcast allows passengers on commercial flights and private jets to share screen and video content. It also allow to stream without the need for onboard inflight entertainment. It runs on a very small hardware footprint without the use of Internet—using a local Wi-Fi network only.


Easy Deployment--Saves Time and Money

The platform is delivered using scalable and portable docker configuration, suitable for quick installation on any hardware. Dockerized deployment and scripting makes it easy for installers to complete the operation in just hours—saving both time and money.


Serves as a Productivity Tool

Nearcast makes private jet travel a productivity tool. It allows company executives to work on presentations, sports teams to rehearse their preparation for the next game and tourists visiting a destination with a subject matter expert to get up-to-date information they need about the places they are going to see.