Secure Streaming for Transportation

Solutions, systems, platforms, and services that allow passengers to enjoy seamless and high-quality video onboard trains and ships and any place with limited internet connection.

Inplay Advertising

Generate revenue through strategic advertising that targets your specific passenger audience.

Inplay Bash

With the goal of making traveling more interactive, bundles all the social features of the Inplay platform together so passengers can transition between chat, video chat, WeWatch, and web conferencing.

Inplay Audio

Deliver music and podcasts to passengers. Users can quickly upload content, discover and preselect music or podcasts for subsequent listening, and engage in an array of social network functionality including text / video chat and web conferencing.

Inplay Captive Portal

Provide superior user engagement by making it easy to discover content without having to type in cumbersome URLs.

Inplay Content Loader

Provides fast and efficient transfer of content—videos, audio, and anything else.

Inplay Drm Players

Industry-leading multimedia players that support online and offline playback of various digital rights management (DRM) formats. Allows users to communicate with each other over a local network while watching a movie, without internet access.

Inplay Ife Portal

Enhance your passengers experience with an industry-leading platform that puts the latest movies and TV shows in the palm of their hands—on mobile phones, tablets, or laptops. Passengers can set up their watchlist before traveling, even while at home.

Inplay Lite Players

Playback non-DRM content natively on PC, Mac, and mobile devices, allowing passengers to immediately access media content—no need to download an app or plug in. Drives strong viewer engagement and greater flexibility for monetization.

Inplay Live

A complete infrastructure to support streaming of live content. Deliver live TV in a much more flexible, scalable, and affordable way than ever before.

Inplay Payment

Leverage a world-class payment platform that lets passengers make offline credit card transactions and pay directly for products or services. Payment options are simple, flexible, and secure.

Our Products

Inplay Rating

Enhance customer satisfaction, with a tool that allows passengers to rate the entertainment content they watch. Understand your passengers’ preferences to increase engagement and improve net promoter score—and deliver what they want.

Inplay Vr Player

Bring a full virtual reality entertainment experience on board. Users can watch movies and experience virtual reality in 360 degrees.


Take the guesswork out of analytics and deliver actionable information tailored to your needs. Quickly analyze and visualize vital information about your media streaming ecosystem from system performance to the customer's media playback experience.


Elevate the user experience with a web conferencing solution that requires just one click to connect with remote participants. Embed your brand and user interface into every aspect of the online communication.

Intouch Nearcast

Upgrade the user experience with a solution that allows travelers to share screen and video content with other passengers even when there’s little or no Internet. All that’s needed is a local Wi-Fi network.

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